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  •      Reading – Pacific Conservatory Theatre (PCPA) Jan. 2023.

             Dir. Emily Trask

  •      Development reading – People’s Light & Theatre Nov. 2022.

             Dir. Nell Bang-Jensen

  •      Development reading – Spooky Action Nov. 2022.

             Dir. Lise Bruneau



  •         Finalist, Blue Ink Award, American Blues Theatre, 2023

  •         Finalist, Seven Devils Playwriting Conference, 2023

  •         Short List, International Playwriting Award, Theatre 503, 2023

  •         Semi-finalist Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2023

  •         Semi-finalist, O’Neill New Play Conference, 2023

The pigs are stressed, Liv won’t eat, and Ma wants everyone to follow the Constitutions. Set in a modern-day commune on the outskirts of the Chihuahuan desert in Texas, this new play about our need for community, asks why the line between delusion and what the rest of us believe, is getting blurrier than ever. 

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