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As love begins

She waits by the ocean

A stormy sea has brought her here

A journey that whilst filled with joy

Has also been filled with challenges

And yet here she is

On the cliff

Looking out

Feeling the soft wind

Her feet planted in the clover

Traces of sand from the beach


Like hope

To her toes

The moon is full

The tide will be high

A spring tide

Although it isn’t spring

It isn’t any season

It is now

And she is here


Dressed in the warm pearls of experience

That the ocean has given her

Her eyes are sparkling

Like guiding lights

A song thrush and a nightingale

Line the path

Their sweet sounds

An anthem to their love


Such a small word

For such a big journey

But she is ready

And the smell of salt and hope

Fills the air

Hands curl together

Hearts fill

As love begins

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