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Wild Horses

This year, she said I will ride wild horses Grow my nails And travel to a country Where the language is not mine

And I will have to be vaccinated

From diseases that sound like

Breeds of snake

This year, she said I will run a marathon Climb a mountain I will stop fearing confrontation And speak my words Because I want to be heard And will no longer judge how they sound

As they emerge

This year, she said I will jump from an airplane

Lose 10 pounds Write a book Write a play Leave my job Love harder Accept greater Forgive sooner Be all the things That I should be being

And then the year passed A year of months that were

Unexpected A tumble of events and people

That clouded the resolutions

That changed the direction Of where she was going Life spun so hard That sometimes she could not stand up

And yet at other times She spun in its glorious whirl

Until she landed

Right here

Right now

Every minute

Every second

Of the year

Etched On her skin In her brain

Around her heart She was different

She was the same This year, she says I will ride wild horses.

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