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You are there and I am here

You are there

And I am here

I am standing on this side of the globe

You are below

Slightly to the left

Upside down

7,917 million miles away

If we made a tunnel

I looked it up on google earth

And as the world span

I felt nauseous

Thinking of you

The other way up

Living your life

While I live mine

As I fall sleep

You wake

And the only time we connect

Is when we are in Peru

Or Rome

Or somewhere that does not have a name

And we are young

The earth is spread out ahead of us

So full of possibility and space

So that when I wake

On the other side

Clinging to my subconscious

I cannot tell what world I live in

And I have no idea for




Where I am

All I know is that

If there was a tunnel

And no disease

I would tumble into it

No matter how hot

Or painful

Or troublesome

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