When We Fall

7.7 billion people on earth and everyone is lonely. Perhaps. Trina definitely is, even though tonight is her birthday and she’s going to party like it’s 1982. But when Andrew and Clare turn up as Superman and Little Bo Peep, the ache of loneliness fills the night. Even Dalir senses it from the roof top, somewhere between London and Pakistan, and now he has to do something about it. 


A new play about learning to fly, telling stories, and finding friendship in unexpected places.

Finalist PlayPenn conference 2020

Finalist for the 2020 New Works Festival at Kitchen Dog Theater

Semi-finalist Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference

Semi-finalist Premiere Stages at Keane 2020

"Premiere Stages is pleased to recognize “When We Fall” by Emma Gibson as a semifinalist for the 2020 Premiere Play Festival. “When We Fall” rose through a competitive selection process conducted by Premiere staff and a panel of outside theatre professionals to become one of 26 semifinalists out of 939 submissions. The panel was particularly impressed by the use of the stars and the roof as metaphor for escapism, and the way that the characters speak candidly about the struggles of getting older and feeling lonely is done in a gentle and honest way. "


Water In My Hands

Sorrel is busy preparing for her wedding even though her fiancé has just died, and Maria’s eyebrows are still not growing back. Gerry wants to know if the weather will improve so that he can lie on his back in the grass, and Eric’s wife has someone else’s heart beating inside her.

Through a series of interweaving accounts, Water in My Hands, lays bare the power of grief, and asks, ‘how do we move on when we are haunted by the life that we have not yet lived?’

Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival, August 2018, Reading

Spooky Action Theater, Washington DC, March 2019, Reading

The Liz Smith Reading Series, Miranda Theatre Company, NYC, March 2020                                                       

If nobody does remarkable things

This morning, in the middle of a category 6 dust storm, a cargo ship took refuge in the local harbor and Joel is on board and he needs somewhere to stay. Paul thinks they should rescue him but Anna’s not so sure. Not after what Joel did 14 years ago. A fierce new play about forgiveness that explores what happens when we reach the point of no return.

A new play in development


Poetry published in Willowdown Books (Poems from the Lockdown. Ed. Trevor Maynard)

Indolent Books (What Rough Beast. Ed. Michael Broder 2020) 



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