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"...but the piece is made extraordinary here by the circumstances, including excellent acting by both the corporeal Gibson and the virtual-but-real Harry Smith..."

(David Fox, Philly Mag)

"Gibson is both nerve-wrackingly serene and unglued."

(Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Watson (Food; The Art of Hiding) here uses the most exquisite language imaginable, with rich, complex, and strange imagery, deploying a poetics of evolutionary biology delivered by Gibson with passion and conviction."

(Philadelphia Inquirer, Tirdad Derakhshani)

"Though her chest and chin thrust outward, and there's an adolescent defiance and twinkle in her eye, she stills conveys the underlying weariness of a woman whose self-destructive patterns have followed her into middle age, making the wrong decisions and alienating those who love her."

(Wendy Rosenfield, The Philadelphia Inquirer)


2011 Knights Arts Challenge Award for a Play, a Pie, and a Pint.

2014 Dennis Coleman Award for Outstanding Performance & Service (Shipley School).

2016 Techniculture Innovation Award for The Lamellar Project

2016 Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Award for Perfect Blue.

Perfct Blue
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