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  • World premiere production, Vivid Stage, NJ, December 2021

  • Dreamcatcher Rep, NJ, New Play selection May 2021, Reading

  • Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival, August 2018, Reading

  • Spooky Action Theater, Washington DC, March 2019, Reading

  • The Liz Smith Reading Series, Miranda Th. Co, NYC, March 2020​     

Sorrel is busy preparing for her wedding even though her fiancé has just died, and Maria’s eyebrows are still not growing back. Gerry wants to know if the weather will improve so that he can lie on his back in the grass, and Eric’s wife has someone else’s heart beating inside her.

Through a series of interweaving accounts, Water in My Hands, lays bare the power of grief, and asks, ‘how do we move on when we are haunted by the life that we have not yet lived?’

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