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  • Reading - Waters Rising Festival, Gloucester Stage 2024

  • Finalist - Blue Ink Award, American Blues Theater 2022

  • Finalist - Terrence McNally Award, Philadelphia Theatre Company, 2022

  • Production - Pomona College, Dir. Carolyn Ratteray, 2022

  • Reading - Purple Rose Theatre Company, April 2022

  • Semi-finalist - Premiere Stages at Kean, 2022

  • Semi-finalist - PlayPenn, 2022

  • Reading - Valdez Theatre Conference, 2022

  • Reading - Wordsmyth Theatre New Play Workshop 2022

  • Production - Panndora Productions, Dir. Pam Paulson, 2022

  • Finalist - O'Neill New Play Conference 2021

  • Reading - Panndora Productions New Works Festival 2021

  • Semi-finalist - Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2021

  • Semi-finalist - Ashland New Play Festival 2021

  • Semi-finalist - South West Theatre Productions

This morning, in the middle of a category 6 dust storm, a cargo ship took refuge in the local harbor and Joel is on board and he needs somewhere to stay. Paul thinks they should rescue him but Anna’s not so sure. Not after what Joel did 14 years ago. A fierce new play about forgiveness that explores what happens when we reach the point of no return.


"Gibson masterfully serves a slice of life, set in the not-too-distant future, and it is served on a dusty, cracked plate.”

 Stage Raw by Joseph Klink

"The play depicts specific individuals whose life’s work is remarkable (perhaps despite their protests to the contrary), and Gibson herself is one of those remarkable people. Her play is something so special, it almost defies description....A lesser playwright would have given us stock characters, soap opera plot twists and TV movie-of-the- week tropes. Gibson doesn’t trivialize the global themes she depicts, but nor does she overstate them or overblow the issues at hand. This play is intelligent, poignant without being mawkish, and has empathy for its characters (and, by extension, for us) and for how blind we have been, are, and presumably will continue to be toward our own imminent climate disasters, poised to make existence a living hell for all life forms."


Eric Marchese

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